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Today's bake, rye, ww, white mix

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Today's bake, rye, ww, white mix


Here is today's bake.  It is 60% white bread flour, 20% rye, 20% sifted whole wheat sourdough.   The whole wheat was milled at home, but the rye was a store-bought type (I cannot recall which brand).   I used the same overall recipe + procedure as my other recent breads.  25% for the leaven at 125% hydration, 46% for the flour soaker at 80% hydration.  Overall dough hydration was 68%, with 2% salt.  I used no baker's yeast.  The levain and soaker were chilled overnight, and finished ripening at room temp in the morning.   Mixed, bulk fermented for 3 hours, with a couple of S&Fs.   Final ferment was quick again, only needed 40 mins.   Baked on a stone w/steam for the first 15 mins.

The top part of the crust looks a little weird, but overall I am happy.  Tastes good to me.







Happy baking!