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Howdy from Arizona

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Howdy from Arizona


This looks to be another Great find.  I've been baking breads for awhile now, but my breads' overall appeal improved greatly when my wife bought me a scale.  What a difference!!    Anyway the addition of this site puts "Another brick in the Wall", and I'm delighted to have found it.  Being able to ask questions and get answers from all kinds of Baker's is a real plus.  

Best Regards to all,


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Hi JimmyK,

Your "another brick in the wall" caught my attention. Yessiree bub, this is the place that's been missing for so long.  It's not that it's hard - it's all those "spliced together in betweens" that can easily end up as a door stop without a little help from your friends. Leastwise it's a tasty door stop but noth'in to take to the county fair...,

Best & Welcome Aboard, Wild-Yeast

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Howdy Jimmy and welcome!

Using a scale to measure ingredients is probably the most important step towards making consistent product, whether it's baking or general cooking that you use it for. Now that you have the accurate reference point of weight to work from, I think you'll find many possibilities open up that are controllable by manipulating the ratios to suit your tastes that may have been guesswork before. There's a wealth of knowledge on this site that you can access in the search function on the top left of the Home page or....just ask. Someone will have have either the answer or a way to find it.

Good to have you with us,