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Miches?? Psshh....who needs um

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Miches?? Psshh....who needs um

I love the new bakery I am working at. Everyday I get to work by 2-23oish a.m. and bake till 10 a.m. Five days a week, sometimes six. I experiment with new ideas, new shaping methods and have just so much fun. Though after work I walk down the road and attend school for another 8-9 hours. So I am pretty tired out and never really get the chance to bake at home, so lately my blogs have been lacking and all I can do is comment on the wonderful works I have been seeing on TFL lately.

But I had a moment tonight and wanted to share this with everyone. While David is making Miches, and everyone is going crazy over excellent pastrami sandwiches on rye...I was attending to my cravings and crafting the 'wich I fall back upon time after time. Plus, I wanted to see if I could start a trend or something on TFL, similar to the miches and possibly the  semolina loaves we saw last week ; )




Right? I baked off a tiny sandwich loaf at work and brought it home to my fiance who always says she isn't like me when it comes to being able to eat a whole loaf.

I thought this would be the right size then :) It's about 1 3/4 to 2 inches in height, about 1 1/2 inches wide. Baked in an itty bitty loaf pan at work. Cute isn't it.


Up next...

Micro Monte Cristos



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Your anti-miche looks delicious, Arlo!

I'm thinking it would be wonderful for a BLT made with bacon bits and cherry tomatoes.

It's great that you're enjoying your new job and have the freedom to experiment at work!

Best wishes,


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Hello arlo,
Your little loaf is completely cute! Looking forward to seeing your Micro Monte Cristo :^)
I could get into the micro thing as I often seem to make smaller loaves, for gift-giving!
Glad you're having fun trying out new shaping methods at work...that does sound like 'a fun day at the office'!
:^) from breadsong


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We have miniature loaf tins like that here in Taiwan.  I always thought they were more gimicky than something a serious baker would use.  Now, having seen what you have done, I've changed my mind.  I am guessing you would have to eat them rather quickly or else they will dry out.  



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We were actually sent a ton of little tins of all sorts of shapes and sizes to sample. The owner and I could only think of what on earth we would use those little loaf pans for. I came up with the idea of using them for rolls at a fancy dinner party. Every guest would have there own little 2 oz loaf instead of a basic roll.

And thank you David and breadsong : )

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Lovely, Arlo :) What recipe is it?

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That happens to be a hunk of dough off of a 100% whole wheat loaf that I came up with for the new bakery. The previous whole wheat that was being made was small, and typically fell apart when sliced.

It's a nice recipe I had been toiling around with at home. It uses at 4 hour sponge before a 1.5 hour bulk and 1 hour final. I also implemented a small amount of orange juice in it to cut back a bit on the bitterness of whole wheat.

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Thanks, Arlo.

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When I go in today I will bring the recipe back home and post it, if you'd like.

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Small loaves...but u can't eat just one. That would be my problem! Me stuttering "but they were really little" ! I am expecting some lovely white bread next.