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New YouTube videos on baguette shaping and scoring.

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New YouTube videos on baguette shaping and scoring.

Excellent new videos from Ciril Hitz and Mitch Stamm.

Baguette Shaping

Scoring a baguette with Mitch Stamm



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Never seen those before. Thank you very much for sharing, David. :)

The first part in Shaping video where he pulls up the dough was especially interesting, making me realize probably I've been slightly over-proofing at bulk fermatation stage.


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You may have not noticed, but you have the option on YouTube of "subscribing" to a poster's videos. If you subscribe, you get an e-mail notification of his/her new postings. I've subscribed to Ciril Hitz. 

I'm glad you got something from these. They (and all of Hitz's videos) are worth watching again and again. There's a lot there that the spoken instructions don't touch on. For example, some one recently posted a message on TFL about shaping baguettes, with problems handling sticky dough. Notice how they use the bench knife to free dough pieces that are sticking to the board. This deflates the dough less and is less likely to tear the gluten sheath you've so carefully formed than any other technique I know. These are "little things," but they make a big difference in your product.


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Yes, I know I can subscribe to a poster on Youtube, but I try not to 'subscribe' to too many things (not only Youtube) so that I don't get innundated with too many email notices. ;) So I really appreciate someone else doing it and sharing the information. Thank you again.

It's really educational and inspirational to see those professional bakers in action, each one with slightly different way of doing things. I use a bench knife or a piece of thin metal board (the one I use to flip baguette dough onto baking stone) to release or move the dough, so it wasn't new to me, to be honest, but still the way the pro bakers make clean, neat slashes without pulling the dough always fascinates me. Maybe I'm over-proofing there, too. :p

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Mr. Stamm makes it look so easy.  I wonder if 10,000 reps has anything to do with it.  As well as the skill to develop perfect dough texture.



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now if I had an oven that would hold 36" long baguettes...sigh. As Glenn says...dough texture is all . c

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Appreciate you sharing the Hitz/Stamm videos---beautiful dough, great results.    You're so right about: "...watching them again and again".  There's so much going on there that it's akin to watching a good magic show. 


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Thanks for posting this, David. This is the first time-lapse oven spring of baguettes i've come across! Lovely!

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Thanks for posting the links David.

I agree with Khalid; really good to see the baguettes spring through the bake cycle like that.

Best wishes