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Has my starter gone bad?

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Has my starter gone bad?

I have maintained a stiff sourdough starter (thanks Jared) for the last 1.5 years. I typically only make bread on the weekends and therefore leave the starter in the refridgerator Monday-Thurs. I refresh it 2-3 times before using.

It has performed great up to the last three weeks. My starter has become really slimy. Instead of being easy to handle as a stiff starter should it sticks to my fingers seems overly hydrated but in a slimy way. I've tried cutting back on water thinking I was overhydrating (even though I weight my ingredients) with no avail.

What gives? Is my starter bad? I've only made bread with it once and it turned out ok but not great.  It seemed to lack body.

Any advice you have would be appreciated.

From a very sad baker in Salt Lake City





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Mini Oven

What you need to do is feed it 3 times a day to flush out the offending compound.   look into  Thiol compounds Debra Wink  in the search box.  It can recover!  :)

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Is there any "liquid" (hooch) on the surface of the starter? If so, what color is the liquid?

watery (clear) or brownish=ok

orange, red, pink=not ok