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to score or not to score

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to score or not to score

I am baking a cinnamon raison loaf, and the recipe does not tell me to score.  Clearly, I am pretty new at this, but I didn't know you would ever not score the loaf.  Anybody care to enlighten me?  Thanks!

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If it is being baked in a loaf pan and given a full rise, you will be fine not scoring the loaf. The last bakery I worked at, we never scored any of our sandwich breads, including cinnamon raising : )

Typically it will split a bit along the sides and result in a still very attractive loaf. I believe Ananada actually talked about this in a post a while back.

But if you are concerned, you could score right before placing in the oven, or simply docking the loaf by using your thermometer or chopsticks, or whatever pointy food-safe object you have near by. The docking will help the loaf in a near same manner as scoring.