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Greetings All!

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Greetings All!

I'm just popping in to say, hello.

I'm not new to bread making but I'm looking to learn some new recipes and develop my bread making skills.  I found this forum while googling for a good bread making reference book.  I decided I might learn more from this forum than from a book.

I have a vitamix that I use to grind wheat and make my bread.  I'm particularly interested in recipes that use whole grains but I still would love to make the occasional sinful delight.

I'll probably be lurking and reading more than posting for a while.  I wouldn't want to be redundant and ask something that has been answered over and over again.



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Welcome to our forum courtesy of Floyd and Dorota Mann.

We welcome questions, but there is also a "search" button at the top left side of "home".