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Hello from Alabama !

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Hello from Alabama !

I have just found your site and love it! I like that we can read posts and comments from people from all parts of the world, including their questions.

I am a t-shirt fiend and would love to have a shirt with your logo.....

Thanks for giving me the courage to try baking break.  I am so excited.

Karen Farmer,  Alabama

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Well, I'm glad you found the site too! TFL is a friendly place where you can learn just about anything that comes to mind concerning breads. I look forward to seeing your work and your posts. As far as I know we don't have a T Shirt to offer but what a great idea!



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Welcome on board!

The current generation of TFL-wear is availble here:

I have the t-shirt with web site on the back and it is quite nice.  I understand the next generation of logo is being designed now though so you may want to review this thread:

Would love to hear about what bread you bake.