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Hi from California

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Hi from California

Been a lurker here for a while now, decided I'd finally create an account and dive in on the banter.  

I've been an avid cook since before I could reach the countertops.  I've never really done much baking until the last 6 months or so, but I've found it really quite enjoyable.  This site has been my go-to resource for all my recent bready adventures, so really thank you all for the great community here.  It started with Artisan Bread in 5 I got for my birthday, and now 4 books later it's almost a borderline obsession.  I'm really in awe of how much a little time and attention can turn flour and water into something so wonderful.

Anyways, took my first crack at croissants today so I thought I might as well share the results.  Happy baking!


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 I'm really in awe of how much a little time and attention can turn flour and water into something so wonderful

you should add "and butter" in this case :) very nice-looking croissants! 

welcome to TFL!

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Ya, I suppose there was a dash or two of butter somewhere in that dough :)

Or is that a dash or two of dough in that butter, I can never keep that straight...



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Wow!  For a first crack at croissants, those look gorgeous.  Delightfully airy and perfectly golden.  Welcome to TFL. :)



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Beautiful croissants!  I am a long time lurker myself.... you will enjoy this site.  Our gracious host just put up an ebook about baking bread.  It comes highly recommended.  I just purchased it and will be diving into it this weekend.

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You should be the poster child for learning to bake. Nothing like leading by example. Beautiful croissants. TFL is a great and friendly place as you know by now. I look forward to seeing your future breads.