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Toronto bread testers for small bakery

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Toronto bread testers for small bakery

Hello Everyone!

Do any of you live in Toronto?

My husband and I are opening a small bakery/cafe in Toronto's Little Portugal neighbourhood this fall. I am looking for bread lovers/bakers to test our bread and pastries. Friends and family are too nice/scared to be critical in the way we need. So, who out there would like some free baked goods on a weekly basis? Your only obligation is to analyze all aspects of the product. Please challenge us!

We focus mainly on naturally levened bread. Some recipes are in the tweaking stage as we are attempting to eliminate commercial yeast entirely. My husband is perfecting a short crust for traditional Cornish pasties.

We need your help! I hope to hear from some of you.


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Too bad, I live in London.  Are you planning on offering traditional pastries like custard tarts and breads like massa sovada?

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Just Loafin

Toronto is a bit far from Los Angeles, even for freebies! I'd however be very interested in some Cornish pasty dough recipes! That's been on my 'list' of things I'd like to perfect and be available for a quick dinner item. We used to live just mins from a truly great pasty shop in Los Alamitos (simply, 'The Pasty Kitchen'), but have since moved so far away, it'd be $10 in gas added to our dinner bill. I'm determined to one day be able to make these fresh...

Best of luck with your new bakery!

- Keith

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I'm in Toronto.  I'd love to come by.  I've tossed around the idea of opening a bakery as well but I'm too chicken.  Let me know where/ when.



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I hope we, at TFL will be able to be aware of the results of the testers! What a great idea. I'd like to see on an ongoing basis how this turns out. Best of luck to you. Jean P. (VA)