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steam vent burns out electronics

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steam vent burns out electronics

I just tried to get my oven repaired for the 2nd time in 14 months . The repairman said the steam may have cooked the electronics. Now I need  a new  stove/oven. The steam vents are directlly under the timer and controls. Thanks for any ideas. Patrick from Modesto

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If making round loaves, try a combi-cooker or dutch oven, added steam is not needed using this method. 

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Check out the Samsung (not sure which model)

It has no exposed bottom element and has a type of depression or built-in pan at the bottom. The one I'm think of has a "quick steam clean" function where you pour a cup and a half of water directly on the bottom and run a half-hour clean, so steam obviously does not bother it.

I've also been told that Frigidaire and Kenmore make a similar one that should be a little cheaper.


By brother-in-law has one and I use his oven to bake bread often.  A cup and a half or so of water provides a minute or so of good steam and makes for very nice loaves.

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use a Römertopf with lid  :)    (clay baker - no steam needed, you soak the top in water for 10 minutes before baking)



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the info. the hunt is on. one thing I will get is an exteded  warrenty. thanks Patrick

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Ok, but if the oven is not designed to accept steam, the warranty and any extension will likely be void

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Something like this happened to me also. Unfortunately I was stupid enough to put my fridge next to my oven. So the steam cooked my oven and my fridge, now I also need Frigidaire parts, anyone know a cheap retailer?

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go to and look up your model # .  It is much cheaper and very easy to replace the electronic module rather than the whole oven.  I have repaired my 2 ovens and my dryer using this site.

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You're absolutely right. It is nearly always cheaper to repair than to replace. However, in this case, it is not simply a malfunction, but a design "flaw" that prevents Pat from using steam in his oven.

His oven is of the type that can not handle steaming, yet he likes to bake bread. Pat has a tough call here.

I guess it could be a simple PITA calculation (Pain in the A$$) to see whether it is worthwhile changing the module every six months of just biting the bullet and getting an oven that can handle steaming.

At first blush, I would venture the opinion that if the part costs less than $50 and takes less than an hour to replace, then I would go the replacement route, otherwise new oven.


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Maybe I should put this comment in the "What have I done?" file but thought this information may be useful. It never occured to me that the steam from the vents could have affected the electronics of my oven until I read this. Your repairman may be on the right track.Two years ago the locking mechanism failed and the door would not open. It was still under warrantee and repaired with one service call. Maybe not a surprise but that was not long after I started baking all our bread at home. Last month however, no warrantee plus having to order the part from the factory cost $214. and a three week oven-less time frame. The part itself was $70.64. For my Frigidare model fed365esb, the part number is 22 628 318261205. Time for me to think about new oven, or wait til it does it again and then not repair it. Not using steam isn't one of of my top choices!

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I have not been able to post in quite while; however, now that I'm back, I'm looking to purchase a grain mill.  I have on occasion been using my Vita Mix to grind specialty grain's.  The problem I have with using my Vita-Mix is the flour temperatures can at times borderline potential nutrient loss; in spite of freezing the grain in advance. I already have the Universal Plus Bosch Mixer, and Home Grain Mill makes a grain mill attachment for this machine; it would save me a great deal of money if the attachment was worth it.  My question is this, is anyone in the group using this combination? If so what do you like or don't like about using the  attachment? Has anyone compared this attachment to other availiable grain mills? Are you satisfied with the degree of fineness that you achieve using this attachment?

Thank you so much for your input.




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Lots of steam rising up through all the cracks around the vent and leaking into your oven's innards and condensing on the electronic controls and shorting them out does happen  ...not all that frequently, but often enough to be remarked on regularly. A bit of steam very seldom hurts anything, but if you've found some method to create mega-steam in your oven, that might put your oven at risk. (If you have an old oven with non-electronic controls, try to keep it  ...but that suggestion is often not relevant or helpful:-)

One possible solution is to change your steaming method. Instead of steaming the whole oven, steam just the baking loaves. Buy a cheap foil turkey roasting pan at your supermarket and invert it over your loaves for the first ten minutes or so, or buy an old roasting pan at a yard sale or off eBay and use the lid the cover your loaves, or search for "magic bowl" here on TFL, or ...

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I am tempted to fix the oven but I am not secure in my ability. Also the "liittle Women" has spoken and a new stoven is in store. I will look into more covered baking., Patrick from modesto


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How can any company manufacture  an oven that cannot tolerate steam, this is a joke, ovens make steam, wether it be from bread, or casseroles, or stews. Big complaint to the company concerned is well over due. Try suggesting a little embarrasing blogging if they cannot resolve your problem amicably.



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Hi Patrick,

I don't believe you said if if was gas or electric you were looking for or what your budget is but you might want to check out the Capital Culinarian.  It is an open burner gas range -- each burner puts out 23,000 BTUs -- and there are no electronics to worry about.  The oven performance is supposed to be superior (I have one on order so haven't tested it out directly yet).  The Culinarian isn't well known but those who know stoves all say its the best gas range on the market.  Cost is about 4g - not cheap but a better value than Vikings, Wolf, Blue Stars, etc. 


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I had a 5 year old oven/stove and I had the option to buy an oven/stove at a very goog price due to the bad to the bad times. Sear ovem with 550 degree max and auto clean and chesper then when I bought the old oven.I bought the 3 year  fix it option  I am happ with the nw oven and  it works great for Pizzzzzzza.I wish I could type better and faster as I have so much to say.

Good bread and Pizza success. PATRICK