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Got the crumb...but where's the flavor?

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Got the crumb...but where's the flavor?

I have recently been able to get a decent crumb....but my recent ciabatte have lacked flavor.  Could I have overmixed? 

 Anyone have any ideas?

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You'd need to post your recipe for any one to have a chance of giving a good answer.


But ways to get better flavor are.

  1. use a preferment
  2. use sourdough
  3. use less yeast and longer ferments
  4. fold don't use a mixer.
  5. add a touch of diastatic malt.

I'm sure there are more, this list is not in any order. 


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Thanks, Sourdough Guy,

 I used a poolish which I fermented for about 14 hours at approx 68F and refrigerated overnight.  After adding the remainder of the ingredients I folded/mixed in the bowl for about 10 minutes.  Again refrigerated overnight, allowed to warm up to rt approx. 3 hours and folded twice with 20 minute rests in between.