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Bread with a hump on the side

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Polish Babka

Bread with a hump on the side


Sometimes my bread grows a hump during baking. It comes out usually later during the bake and always from a side. It doesn't happy very often but I'm wondering what is the problem.

Could it be underproofed or is it bad shaping, bad slashing? It happens only with batards, I proof them in bannetones or free form.

Any ideas how to fix it?



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you need to let your bread proof for a longer time - try an extra half-hour to an hour and see results.

also, your scoring does not seem to be deep enough.  Let your dough dry a bit (a least a good 15 minutes) during the last moments of proofing.  Then score your bread deeper to a 1/2 inch of depth.


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Gonna echo ross.s and say this is a sure sign of underproofing.

Taking another approach on the slashes, though...Another sign of underproofing is that the slashes are so shallow. Provided you slashed deeply enough, underproofed loaves tend to bounce back pretty quick, so even a deep slash can vanish between the time you make the cut and the time the crust hardens in the oven.

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Hi there!

Have same the "blow out" thread in this forum...just above your post in the lots of good responses.

Hope it helps,