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1.2.3. flo's recipe

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1.2.3. flo's recipe

I took cranbo suggestion and made this loaf with my new starter, using flo's 1.2.3. method. This is how my bread turned out. I'd say it's very pretty. It is more sour than my regular breads, but I eat a slice a few hours after baking it, so I guess the aroma wasn't fully settled. Tomorrow I'l be able to feel the real flavor, I hope.

I had a new starter that I never used, some oat flour that needed to be used asap. For this loaf I used 150g 100% starter, 300g water, 100g whole wheat flour (organic) 80g oat flour, and 270g bread flour, 10g salt. It was 71% hydration, but easier to handle than I would imagine. I did two S/F during 50 minutes (for a 2h 30 min bulk fermentation) then shape, then one hour at room temperature and 8 hours in the fridge. I took it out of the fridge one hour before baking it. The dough had 900g, and the loaf 760g. I'd never guessed that so much water evaporates during baking..?!

I'll post the complete recipe soon at my blog Apa.Faina.Sare.



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Just Loafin

What beautiful bloom! Congrats on a superb bake!

- Keith

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Very nice Codruta. Your new starter is doing fabulous job.


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That's lovely bread, Codruta! 


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What a beautiful bread!  The cracks in the crust indicate that it must have "sung" while cooling.


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What a gorgeous loaf! I can see that it must smell and taste delicious.


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The bread sung, indeed, while cooling, and the sour taste that I complained about it was almost imperceptible in the evening. We ate it with a good cheese and tomatoes from my mother's garden - simple and delicious. This is a very good bread, the recipe fool-proofed, and last night I send few slices to my boyfriend mother's house... and now I'm waiting for her verdict. :)

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Bread Breaddington

What was that method, again? 1 part starter, 2 water 3 flour?

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yes, I took it from here 1.2.3, An Easy Formula for Sourdough Bread, and then I went to flo's site, which is wonderful, i was so happy to discover it!

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Crust, crumb, scoring and color are absolutely beautiful and your photos are amazing.


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Hi codruta,

I read your previous post about building a new leaven from scratch.

I've been away, so couldn't reply, but, I was quite amazed how quickly your leaven activated in the first place.

The cutting and crust on this loaf is wonderful

Best wishes


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andy, thank you, I'm glad you're back. :)

My starter survive to a fire (my roof got on fire from a cigarette dropped by a neighbour - frightening experience), for three days I could still smell the smoke in my home, I guess my starter felt it too. It survived to tap water, that one day was kind of reddish (probably with traces of rust) - I didn't use it then, but few hours later when it seemed clean...I guess it was a fighter from the beggining :)

The bread was very good, surprisingly soft crumb. I gave away my starter to 2 peoples that requested it, but I kept for me a part, too.

That is how my loaf looked before I put it in the oven




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Beautiful Corduta! It looks perfect!!

What is your Oven & steaming setup?




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Khalid, my oven is nothing special, it is electrolux gas oven. My steaming method is a tray with water put under the stone 15 min. prior of baking, and removed after the first 10-15 minutes of baking. I don't have an oven thermometer, and I can't low down the temperature without the risk of turning off the oven. (It's annoying when I want to bake or cook something that require a lower temperature, but for lean doughs and hearth breads it's good.)

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Your compliments make me so happy. I want to learn more and to be better, but when I look at what you are doing I'm thinking I'll never be so good, I'll never do be able to do that. If your work raise my goal at a very high level,  your kind words give me much hope. So THANK YOU!