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Hello from Kentucky!

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Hello from Kentucky!

Hey there, 

My name is Clayton, I'm an Eastern Kentucky resident and proud father of one. I've been visiting this site for a while now, and I absolutely love the whole concept. I'm an amateur chef turned bread and baked good enthusiast. I just started baking seriously about a year ago, and I've just recently started to really get a hang of a few types of bread. I especially love making flatbreads and whole grain breads.  Looking forward to chatting, learning, and posting!

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Hi Clayton,

I love meeting up here with Kentucky folk.  I am from Western Ky, Mc Cracken County.  Not living there these days.  Baking breads for ages, southern, artisan, whole grains.  I love researching recipes sought by others, tweaking until they say, "Oh, yeah, that is the bread I remember!"

This is a great site.  TFL folk are friendly, incredilbly knowlegeable and willing to share.  Welcome and keep the lovin' comin' from the oven!

whosinthekitchen, Lisa

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Well thank you, Lisa, for that warm welcome.  It's funny, I've been through most of the eastern U.S., but I have never ventured to the western part of my own state! I tend to stick to my own backyard of Laurel & Whitley county, with the occasional run to Louisville or Lexington. Regarding southern breads, as you mentioned, I'd love to swap some cornbread recipes with you. There seem to be a million out there, and I've tried about half of them, haha! I'm addicted I suppose... I've gone so far as to make cornbread-battered fried chicken. Delicious. :)

I'll see you around the boards!

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Nice to have you on board.  I hope to hear about your breads from time to time.