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We're finally HOME after automobile accident

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We're finally HOME after automobile accident

We're HOME. ..after 4 1/2  months  we're finally HOME!!   I'm with my flours, and yeasts, and grains, and mixers, and bowls and cookbooks, and..and "stuff".  It took over 4 months  and 10 surgeries, but we were blessed with wonderful doctors and therapists and both of us will be good as new!  (Or as good as we were before the accident?!  Please no comments!) We are so lucky and soo blessed.  My husband has three more weeks in his collar (because of his broken neck) and then HE will be hugging his fishing rods and something, and something.  I lost interest somewhere between flies and worms. Sometimes I'm not the perfect wife.  Thanks again to all the members of TFL for the  constant supply of  "bread"inspiration..bread"spiration" "bread"spiration.  Hmm..Oh, well I think you get the idea. 

Pam (highmtnpam)

PS  Mini...semmels!

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I'm so happy to hear that you are back on your own turf.  Even better to hear that you and your husband are healing so well.

Don't try to do everything on the first day, please!  ;-)



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We're looking forward to some inspired loaves in the coming months ;-)


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Mini Oven

Might take awhile to get used to the lack of noise.  Lol!

Collars huh?   That gives me an idea….   What would a collared loaf look like?   Made out of one kind of dough... or two?   A wet boule with a stiff collar?

:)  Take care 


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Welcome home.  So glad to hear you are both recovering, and I'm looking forward to seeing your baking again.

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Enjoy your home once again !



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Welcome home, Pam!


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Welcome home! That must feel great!

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Its great to hear that you are both recovering. Just make sure that you don't push yourself too hard at first, take it gently. Best Wishes Richard

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for your good wishes.  When the first loaf comes out of the oven I''ll really feel like I'm home!


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i'm very happy that both of you are doing better & bake to baking

take care, claudia

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Dear Pam,

So good to hear that you and your husband are home and returning to familiar and loved activities.

Wishing you blessing for your continued recovery,