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Fibrament and Gas BBQ

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Fibrament and Gas BBQ

So now that the weather has turned ridiculously hot I want to start making pizza outside on our gas bBQ.   I have 2 fibrament stones and would like to use one in the BBQ.  I've contacted fibrament and inquired about their flame diverters - the are only willing to sell me one and not tell me what it is made of.  Are these absolutely required?  Is it anything more than a 1/16" thick piece of aluminum cut to fit?  Can anyone with one or knowledge chime in?  Thanks.  500+ oven in the middle of summer is not much fun for us.

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Frequent Flyer

...with propane/air mixtures reach 1980F.  The fibrament claims a 1500F as it's maximum continuous operating temp.  Allumium alloys melt in the neighborhood of 1200F.  I'd recommend steel plate and a spacer for the stone to rest upon for the diverter.


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I bake my pizza directly on the grate of the grill. Don't need a stone, and you get a direct, smoky char on the crust. Delicious with some simple ingredients. Give it a try. No, the dough does not slip through the grates.