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Baguette and Variations, Junior

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Baguette and Variations, Junior

I didn’t want to steal Brother David’s blog post title without due credit.  Last Fall he told of his scissor-happy bake of epis and dragon tails (  And today I pursued a similar adventure.

Twenty-two years ago today, my wife, Cat, and I were married.  We scheduled the wedding for the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend because Sunday afternoon was the only time available for a private party at Green’s, a wonderful restaurant on the Bay in San Francisco, and we wanted to give our guests a Monday holiday to sober up and/or travel back to their homes.   The happy bonus was we almost always get a three-day weekend for our anniversary.

So, the goal today—of course—was to bake something to broaden the already broad smile on my beloved’s lovely face.  Her favorite is Cinnamon-Raisin-Pecan bread, and I’ll bake some of that tomorrow.  Her second favorite—always good for a swoon of pleasure—is proth5’s “bear-guette” ( which is now my usual baguette.

Having had success with this formula, including shaped as marguerites (’ours-flower-bear-and-other-goodies), I decided to work on my scissor skills and try some new shapes.

The poolish and levain were made up last night, and the dough was mixed this morning.  I let it ferment two hours, gave it one stretch and fold, and left it in a chilled cooler while we went to a fabulous lunch at Café Beaujolais (duck confit Cobb salad with warm bacon lardons has spoiled regular Cobb salad for me for the rest of my life).

On our return three hours later, I split the dough ball into two, put half in the fridge for tomorrow, and shaped three baguettes from the rest.  I studied the excellent videos on forming epis ( and dragon tails (  I am pretty pleased with my first attempts, though this dragon doesn’t have a very long tail.

And, as always with the bear-guettes, the flavor is superb, the crust is crispy and the crumb is a nice balance of chewy and open.

Anniversary dinner was excellent.  You might not think meat on a stick stands up to the elegance of baguette and Champagne, but charcoal-grilled pork satay with home-made marinade and home-made spicy peanut sauce is pretty tasty

I’ve been working on Thai cuisine.   A meal of satay and baguette is my version of crust-asian. [sorry]



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Happy Anniversary!  


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Aww, happy anniversary Glenn. To many more great years, and great breads!

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hEpi, hEpi, Glenn! and many more to the both of you. :) Nice bearguettes. 

All the best,


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What woman wouldn't feel special when her man plans such attention to their anniversary...and he cooks and bakes for her, too!

Nice bake, Glenn...aren't epi's fun to make? Happy Anniversary!




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Happy Anniversary!  I see absolutely nothing wrong with baguettes and satay, quite the contrary... ;-)

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Sending best wishes to you and the Mrs!
from breadsong

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I appreciate the anniversary wishes.  We have decided to go another 22 years and see what happens.

Thanks, also for the comments on the breads.  

I'll post separately about the creations from the rest of the bear-guette dough and the Oatmeal-Cinnamon-Raisin Bread I baked today.


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You've certainly tamed the "bear" on these baguettes Glenn, and great shaping to boot! Wishing you and Cat a very Happy Anniversary, and all the best.


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Happy anniversary, Glenn!

Those are some wonderful photos you shared with us. Vibrant colours and great looking breads!

All the best.

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I sincerely endorse 44 years of marriage. Susan & I are half way thru our 44th year, and it's a good one.

Your baguette shapes look good. We've somehow survived 2 weeks without homemade bread, with a little help from Messeuers Gosselin, Kayser & Poilane. It's been rough, especially when Susan complained she preferred my SFBI miche to Poilane's.


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Thanks, David. Can't wait to get the report on your Paris search for decent bread.

"Susan complained she preferred my SFBI miche to Poilane's."

Everybody has an off day.



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Wonderful breads and a wonderful meal for you and your bride!  Here's to the next 22 years!


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Cat and I do appreciate the good wishes.

Hans, thanks for the comment on the photos.  I love the natural light in my North Coast kitchen.