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Pain Au Chocolat

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Pain Au Chocolat

After thinking about doing this for a while, I decided since it was gloomy and raining all day to give it a shot.  I saw a post from another member and decided to use Bertinet's CRUST version.  I like that the recipe calls for bread flour and 1/2 the butter of a normal croissant (1/2 pound vs 1 pound).

Whew!  It was a workout considering it took 4 roll outs.  But, I'd do it again for the sheer exquisite flavor.


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pain au chocolate, and I will bet they are tasty! I just loved the croissants I managed even if they wern't as good as they should have been, not as crispy and the laminations weren't so good, but hey they still tasted better than the ones from Safeway, which aren't crispy or flaky either until they are half dried out! LOL