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Favorite Recipe for Brioche Specifically for French Toast

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Favorite Recipe for Brioche Specifically for French Toast

I am looking for a Brioche recipe to use for French Toast. It doesn't have to be good for anything else as I plan to use it all for this purpose.


I have used the Golden Brioche from Epicurious and it was great but I might try something different this time. Also, how long do you let brioche stale before you use it? Do you wrap it when it's uncut or just leave it out?

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My favorite french toast is dipped in crushed corn flakes after it soaks in a very rich (heavy cream eggs vanilla beans) custard. Topped with strawberries or raspberries or a fruit sauce made with fresh fruit with a few whole berries and some very lightly sweetend whip cream. I am just about to get my brioche dough out of the fridge. First time I have made it. I used the recipe by Peter Reinhart from the Bread Bakers Aprrentice I made the Middle class version. I do not have brioche molds so I will do 1 loaf with a swirl of cinnamon/sugar and 6 muffin tins these will be filled with chocolate chips and I am trying to figure how to do mini muffin tins? I would like to fill these somehow with a spinich,onion,swiss cheese,carrott,nutmeg,salt and pepper mixture. French toast sounds wonderful. Have fun!

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Reinhart's middle class was one of the recipes I was looking at. I know what I want to do with the actual french toast recipe (i.e. custard and toppings). It's just a brioche recipe I am looking for.

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Ooo! I found some deep mini tarlets molds for $0.50 at Bed Bath and Beyond. They are a little different, but they are the same basic shape and size. It sure beats having to order them online for 5xs the price or having to buy them at Williams Sonoma at 10xs the price!

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I will make just about anything in to french toast =P

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.... makes for good French toast.

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Did you make the middle class recipe? I made it just last night and I dont feel like it would make the best french toast. The crumb was a little too light for me. I would like something a tad more dense to at least have some texture to it. I'm curious how it worked out for you. I followed his challah recipe recently and it made an excellent french toast. I did a standard french toast with just a little orange zest in the custard and some cinnamon after the bread hit the pan and I have to say it was one of the best french toast I have ever had.