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For those that have made it which do you prefer?

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For those that have made it which do you prefer?

Which do you prefer the brioche recipe from Hamelman or Reinhart?

Or are they fairly equal?

I did notice that the Hamelman recipe produces a small amount more if you do not try to adjust the formula and that Rienhart uses a sponge and Hamelman doesn't, I'm not sure it that will make that much of a difference (I'm fairly new to baking and haven't experimented very much).


Thank you for all of your input.

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The answer is simple.  Make them both and see which one YOU prefer.  What do care about other peoples' opinion?

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Can't say about Hamelman's approach, but Reinhart offers at least three different formulas for brioche and I'd need to know which of them you're referring to for comparison.

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I'm about to go prepare the brioche dough from Dan Lepard's 'exceptional breads', so it has an overnight rise. it uses a poolish.