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Started at another bakery

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Started at another bakery

After nearly two good years at my local Great Harvest, two weeks ago I packed up, called it good and moved to a new venture down the road. It was hard to leave good friends and a great boss, but after talking to my Chef/Professor at college and my fiance, I decided I had hit the wall, learned everything I could at the bakery and because of that, it was time to move on from my current bakery. In order to grow and develop I needed to start working on other skills and making different loaves daily.

Talk about a change! From making 200-300 loaves a day and even more during the holidays to making about 30 loaves a day and being in charge of the the whole bread department (just me mind you : ). My two weeks at Aggie Mae's has really made me appreciate taking time to work out the kinks, experiment and get in touch with my cake making, frosting and pastry skills!

The Great Harvest I worked at was wonderful, unfortunately I have had my mind set on my ACF Certification tests and working towards becoming a Certified Executive Pastry Chef down the line in a few years. I love bread mind you, I love it more than pastries, but I understand where the money is at in my area and how pastries can really help me out in this career, so I gladly took the position as the head baker and then helper with cakes. I am certainly glad I did shift jobs.

The first week I began baking in a hearth oven, making entirely new pizzas (asked on the spot, "Ok Arlo, what are some new pizzas you are going to put out this week?") Talk about pressure, but I came through! I made Prosciutto wrapped asparagus with red peppers and Parmesan pizzas. Blue cheese, pear and walnut pizzas and more. I also worked out a new multi-grain bread recipe which went over well enough today the owner asked me to triple the recipe for the Saturday crowd!

From croissants, to mini fresh fruit tarts, country bread, sourdough seed breads, creme anglaise and more, I have certainly learned a lot this week alone and have worked on some great products.

The only rough side, work starts at 2 am now instead of 3 am.

Such is life though : )



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This sounds like a great move for you Arlo, but knowing as well how difficult it can be to leave coworkers and employers who've become good friends over the years. I think it says a lot about your passion for the craft that you've chosen to take a leap into new territory in order to further your knowledge, rather than allowing yourself to become complacent.  Congratulations, and all the best to you in your new shop!


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Sounds like a good move.  I hope it stays exciting.

I've made a gorgonzola, pear and walnut pizza with balsamic reduction drizzled on it.  Try it!

Let me know if you want the family Italian sausage recipe; it's great on pizza.


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Thank you for the kind words. I do look forward to what the new bakery has to offer and what I can learn.

: )

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Hello arlo,
Congratulations on your new position, and wishing you every happiness and success there!
from breadsong