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Starter Containers

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Starter Containers

So, I have had starters going off and on, and have made a lot of mistakes (including saltless loaves.. yuck!) but I have a simple question that I bet gets lots of answers: What kind of container do you use for your starter? What size? What materials? Detailed answers please ;)


a.k.a. Toby

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Loafer, there is a good discusion of starter containers here. Some people like glass and avoid plastic. I'm not usually a fan of plastic for food, but I do like to use the clear tall plastic containers that soup from delis often comes in, because they are free and recyclable, easy to clean, seal tightly, and are easy to mark levels with so you can really see the rise of the starter easily. More recently I am using containers I got from the King Arthur store for both my starters (small 1 qt ones) and my rising doughs (large 6 qt ones) - seen here, they are the same as what a lot of restaurants and bakeries use, and the plastic seems to be of a harder variety that resists absorbing odors or scratching. I don't mix the starter in this container when I feed it, however, I usually dump it into a clean bowl, feed and mix, wash out the starter container, and put the newly fed starter back in the clean container and mark the level. As I think Floyd said somewhere here it's kind of like cleaning out the cat litter box, which is a good analogy!