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Question about oven temperature. low and slow or fast and furious

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Question about oven temperature. low and slow or fast and furious

Hi all,
Question about baking temperatures.
Suppose we take two types of bread dough.
Dough #1. Typical French Bread  type of dough made with High Gluten Flour 100%, Water 68%, Yeast 1%, Salt 2%
Dough #2, Standard Hoagie bun or Dinner roll: Flour, Milk, Water, Eggs, Sugar, Oil, Salt
What would happen to both of these types of dough if they were baked at:
350 degrees?
400 degrees?
450 degrees?
    (I know the answer for dough #1 in this range)
500 and higher?
My main question is can I bake either of these doughs at 350 degrees?


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Yes I believe you can bake either @ 350F but the crusts will be very different. 

Higher temperature usually means slightly thicker, chewier crust; it can also reduce your oven spring somewhat.

350F will give you a somewhat softer, thinner, crust, lighter colored crust.

I use lower temps for dinner rolls and sandwich bread. I use higher temps for sourdoughs and other "artisan" loaf breads.


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High initial temp till max oven spring 10~15, except for smaller items, then lower and slower. Another option.


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I appreciate it alot!