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Sourdough baguette

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Sourdough baguette

Sometime last year I attempted to make sourdough bread but it didn't turn out very good. It was too sour and dense and very tough and so I gave it up. However my sourdough bagel baked last week was pretty successful, so I decided to made the baugette again.

Instead of using a 100% hydration poolish, I used a leaven from my sourdough starter.

1 tablespoon of my sourdough starter
105g Water
105g Strong Bread Flour

Main dough
200g leaven
180g Strong Bread Flour
100g Water
20g Wholemeal Flour
5g Diastatic malt

The time for bulk fermentation and final rising doesn't take as long as what I always thought. My bulk fermentation only took about 3 hours and the final rising only took about 2 hours. 

The bread came out is not as sour as the one I baked last year.  

Texture wise, it is similar to my other baguette using commercial yeast, light, fluffy and soft inside. The crust is thin and crsipy.


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And good for you to have watched the dough instead of watching the clock!  Nice bread!


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Looks like some water may be missing from the final dough ingredients list?

I suspect the diastatic malt may be a factor in the "faster than expected" fermentations. I once put just the smallest of a pinch of malt in about a cup of levain I was making. It seemed to ripen and recede so much faster than when made without the malt. It can also be a factor in making a fine crumb, I have read.

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Thanks and I have updated it.

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I pulled a couple today that achieved everything I as looking for, except for appearance.