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Greetings from South Africa

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Greetings from South Africa

Hi everyone

Just a brief hello - I'm a writer living in Cape Town, South Africa. Have been baking for years, but after a friend told me she's going to start supplying me with 12,5 kg bags of organic flour, I got hold of "Crust and Crumb" and started working on refining my bread baking practice. After a few monumental disasters (I think because what's called "instant yeast" here in S. Africa is a different product to the same named in the USA), I switched to fresh yeast and all has been well.

Looking forward to learning more on this site.


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And welcome to The Fresh Loaf from a Pretoria member!

I'm an American ex-pat here in the RSA for a few more months.  The instant yeast that I have purchased in local supermarkets (sorry, can't remember the brand name but the packets were predominantly green in color) have worked well for me.  The bigger adjustment that I had was adapting to local flours.  Once I figured out what to do and how, things smoothed out.

Since you live the Mother City, you should have easy access to Eureka Meulens / Eureka Mills products.  I like their whole wheat flour better than any of the major brands like Sasko.  They also produce the only rye products that I have been able to find locally, even though the mill has to import the rye. 

Keep us posted on how your baking progresses.


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Hi Lisa

I am also from Cape Town, northern suberbs. Paul is correct, Eureka Mills flour is available at more PnP's and Spar. I was told that this flour has been regarded as one of the most purest flours in the world and I can say from my own experience that the taste is great. There is also another great flour range just come to my local spar called Golden Reef Milling. The coarse ground white bread flour is my new favourite flour to use.

The instant yeast here has worked fine for me, just remember to adjust your bulk fermentation timing during this season as it is a lot cooling in our kitchens now compard to summer. I find that I have to adjust my time sometimes up to 2-4 hours longer than in summer time.

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Hi all

Good to hear some local folks are around! I do use the Eureka Mills Flour - will look out for Golden Reef too. I'm not sure what went wrong when I used local instant yeast, but it  just doesn't seem to respond to water in the same way - perhaps because it's designed to be mixed into the flour? I'm also suspicious of it because it has so much information about being designed to cut kneading and rising time - when part of what I'm trying to do is draw out the rising time - no? Anyway, my local Spar is happy to supply lumps of the fresh stuff, so I'm more comfortable using that, as I can immediately see it starting to bubble and proof.

Thanks for the heads-up!