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Is there a way to change how I view the threads here?

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Is there a way to change how I view the threads here?

Everytime I look at a post thread, I have a hard time figuring out which entries were the most recent as they seem to be attached in random places in stead of all in chronoligical order?

For example, I got an email notification that several people had responded to one of my threads. So I went to it and couldn't figure out which were the old ones and which were new without stopping to look at the time stamps for every single post.....

It's driving me crazy.

how can I change how i view this?

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Scroll down and you should see "Comment Viewing Options."  The site defaults to threaded, which means that replies to a specific comments show up under that comment.  If you switch it to flat expanded, I think, you should just get a chronological list.

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...attached in random places...

They're not really "random". Note the indentations. Some posts are direct "replies" to some previous post on the thread (rather than the "original post"), and so by default are displayed below the post they are a reply to rather than at the very bottom.

(This is funky here on TFL, because not everybody clicks "reply" on the post they're replying to. And if they don't, the new post just appears to the system to apply to the whole thread, so it's placed at the very bottom. This may seem chronologically "more correct" at the time, but can actually make less sense logically  ...especially to another reader weeks later.)

You might also find the alternative of receiving emails about any new content on any thread you've contributed to be as useful as displaying all new thread content at the bottom. Although you can explicitly "subscribe" to individual threads, it will probably work better to just set this to happen automatically. Just click MyAccount->[Subscriptions]->Settings and check the appropriate boxes.