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True sourdough dinner rolls cloverleaf, etc.

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True sourdough dinner rolls cloverleaf, etc.

Greetings: Thus far I'm accustomed to making my sourdough traditionally with only starter, flour, salt and water. I love everything about it. I would like to incorporate sourdough into a dinner roll and wanted to get some advice. If I were to take the sourdough recipe I've been using for boules, and instead made cloverleafs in a muffin pan, would this make a good roll? All the recipes for sourdough dinner rolls I've found include dried yeast and that doesn't interest me. Would the cloverleaf maintain the thick crusty exterior that my boules do?

If I wanted to adapt this sourdough recipe to create a softer, more dinner roll-like dinner roll, what would I change? Add milk and butter?

Anyway, thank you very much for reading...

Luke Black

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Artisinal bread, such as your sourdough boule recipe, will be more lean and rustic. That's fine for eating bread or rustic sandwhiches, but I love *enriched* dinner rolls.


I would exchange much of the water for milk (some of the liquid will be in the form of butter), add in some sugar, and finish it off with some butter (just remember that butter is 20% liquid). So, basically, you're just enriching the dough.


Give it a few ....ahem.... "test runs" and call us in the morning.


Have fun tinkering with the recipes!