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First real effort

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First real effort

Yes, I've got the bug. Forgive poor fomatting and terminology but the percentages are correct.

Preferment, 75% hydration, 25% starter:

336gm BRM Organic Bread Flour

224gm white flour starter, 100% hydration, fed twice in the previous 24 hours

224gm water

1/2 tsp salt (I love what this does for fermentation control)

Mixed in the KA and left covered on the counter for 24 hours (60-65 degrees).


Final build, 70% hydration:

448gm BRM Organic Bread Flour

291gm water

3/4 tsp salt

Used the hook on the KA and kneaded for eight minutes between 2-3 speeds after a 30 minute autolyse. Any higher and the dough crawled above the hook.

S&F in the bowl at 20 minutes and 40 minutes, then overnight into the referigerator.


Formed two loaves out of the fridge, two hour final proof. Premisted a 550 degree oven and the loaves. Turned the oven down to 450 when I put the loaves in. Turned and remisted at 10 minutes and rotated 90 degrees at 20 minutes. Took a total of 35 minutes to get to 200 degrees. Next go around, I'll just start at 450 to give me more leeway on timing. I turned off the oven, left the door open and let the loaves sit for five minutes before moving them to the rack. Great crust and crumb with a very light sour flavor. Next batch I'll start in a slightly cooler oven and add in a small amount of barley flour.

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You have achieved a beautiful open crumb for a first effort.  Congratulations!



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When you start with a great recipe like the Rustic Bread recipe and progress from there, it works fairly well.


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Looking good.  Keep at it!

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My goal is three or four basic recipes. Pizza and foccacia I can do by feel and appearance, a loaf of bread requires more attention to pull off correctly. I'm impressed by the number of examples available.

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beautiful oven spring

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I'll be starting another batch tomorrow! Hopefully I'll be able to adress a couple of minor problems. Then I have a baseline recipe I can start branching out from.