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Bagels with poolish

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bencheng's picture

Bagels with poolish

This is a follow up of my previous post about my bagel blisters. I have found a bagel recipe online that uses poolish so I give it a try.

Instead of retarding my bagels overnight, this time I only keep them in the fridge for 7 hours.

The end result, there are still some blisters "bird eyes" on the curst but not as big and obvious. They do taste and smell good.

dwcoleman's picture

Great looking bagels!  Did you form them by poking a hole in the middle?

bencheng's picture

no. i used rope and loop method. :)


mage789's picture

Those look great.  How did you get such a uniform brown crust on them?

bencheng's picture

I'm not too sure. My bagels always come out like this. 

I usually bake them for 20mins and I watch the oven in the last 2 mins make sure their crust turn brown before I took them out.



Laddavan's picture

Wow it looks delicious.