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Mark Sinclair's Portuguese Sweet Bread

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Mark Sinclair's Portuguese Sweet Bread

Hi everyone,

I'm currently in the mood to bake some sweet enriched doughs and what I have on my list to bake is PR's Middle Class Brioche and after reading about Mark Sinclair's Portuguese Sweet Bread, I knew I couldn't pass that one up either.  I've tried looking for his forumla with the biga version but the link he posted doesn't work.  Does anyone have the forumla they can share?


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Hi, i clicked on the link and it worked.  Perhaps it is a browser issue which I occasionally have seen.  try using Firefox if you are using Explorer.  If you already use Firefox, then try Explorer.  Last week i tried to post on Explorer and it wouldn't work, even though I never had that problem prior.  When I used firefox (free), my problem dissappeared.  Thus my suggestion...  Could be a temporary quirk...

Now I will try the recipe you are seeking!

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The PDF link with the Biga forumla is the one that doesn't seem to be working.

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I couldn't get the link to work, either, but I found the recipe in this series of messages:

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Link to same thread. The recipe listed in the messages is not the biga version. Mark apparently no longer wants the recipe published. My guess.

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Could this the recipe you are looking for?

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I think that's it!  Thanks!