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Kevin Says Hello

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Kevin Says Hello

This is my first post with you guys and I'd like introduce myself: I'm Kevin and I live in Ireland. Unmarried and in my early 60's.

While I've always been a reasonably decent cook it is only within the last two years that I've turned my attention to baking.  Started off with a breadmaker letting it do all the work, slowly changed to doing it all by hand. As you might expect from someone from Ireland I've become a dab hand at making Irish soda farles.

Pizza, the odd cake, some soughdough bread, scones and a few other bits and pieces are in my repertoire. It's now got to the stage that if I visit friends they expect me to arrive with a newly baked loaf or something I've knocked up myself. But enough self praise.

Glad to be here and hoping to pick up some useful tips.




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Welcome Kevin.  We are happy you have joined us.  We would like to have your input on any subject you feel disposed to give comment.


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Someday I hope to get to the fair isle and sample the local breads for myself.  In the meantime, you can stoke my desire.

Welcome to TFL.


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The last time we were in Ireland, we stayed with friends in Kilanerin, Wexford, and I baked bread in their very old gas cooker.  It was a challenge, but I managed to make some very good bread and sticky buns.  My mother was born in Clonmel, Tipperary, and despite my name, I am a female.

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Welcome to TFL.   I'm based in the far North of England