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BBA Challenge: Week 15 - Italian Bread

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BBA Challenge: Week 15 - Italian Bread

The BBA Challenge continues into week 15 - Italian Bread. Here's the front page of the blog post about it, if you're interested in the rest, or in what the other BBAers did, feel free to check it out here:


Color me utterly unimpressed.

My wife, who always tastes my food first before I do, said that if this bread had been on this season of American Idol the judges would have loved it. "I could just hear Steven Tyler now," she said, then launching into her Tyler imitation, "This bread is amazing...flavorful...truly amazing. Can't be beat!". (Anyone who has watched Idol this season knows that the show has been widely panned for having new judges who seem incapable or unwilling to say anything bad about anyone.) Immediately following that comment, she said, "By far the worst bread you've made ever."

Personally, it reminded me of the Chinese bread and baked desserts I ate while living in Beijing - both of which always looked good, but had absolutely zero taste. Utterly and completely flavorless.  That's exactly what happened here. Enjoy the pictures below the fold - the bread looks good, but it tastes like Wonder Bread. Bleech.

(As my fellow BBA'ers finish up theirs, such as Jim, I'll post links to their products here).

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When I did the BBA Challenge last time around, this one was, for me, the best of the lot.

Maybe the fact I tossed in some excess sourdough made a big difference but I was very happy with the end result on this BBA bread.