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Cinnamon, Sourdough and Retarding

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Cinnamon, Sourdough and Retarding

I know when cinnamon is added directly into a dough commercial yeast has to be increased due to the chemical compound cinnamic aldehyde ('Bread' pg. 237).

I frequently add cinnamon to my sourdough and commercial yeasted loaves that are only fermented for a few hours the same day they are combined and baked.  I have always had good results and haven't really noticed too much of a change in bulk fermenting times - even when I don't increase the yeast.

What I don't know is how cinnamon affects dough when fermented over night in the refrigerator using sourdough only.....a bulk ferment time of at least 12 hours and then followed by proofing at room temp.

Has anybody tried refrigerating a dough overnight that contains cinnamon?  If so, how did it turn out?


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I've noticed that Bread with cinnamon is a bit fussy about being refrigerated too soon. When I make a whole wheat cinnamon raisin starter I try not to refrigerate it at too cold a temp, if at all, and not until its pretty active. When I've refrigerated it too soon I've had some pretty bad results and had to restart the starter with fresh mother which works but is far from ideal.

I've read books by people like Peter Reinhart that call for refrigerating cinnamon starters but it hasn't worked well for me.