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New from Atlanta

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New from Atlanta


This looks like a great forum, espcially since I love bread.  My first priority is to get a recipe for a good everyday whole wheat bread using my new(used) bread machine.  I posted an embarassingly long quesetion in the general area about this, since it also needs to be low sodium and lower sugar and 100% whole wheat(not too picky!)

Once I get that under my belt I am looking  forward to exploring other varietes, low sodium always being the limitting factor. 

I'll be bugging y'all soon for more recipes!



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Good luck with you're bread machine. Don't be surprised, or dissapointed, if you're first ones don't come out beautiful, the machines take a little getting used to. Play it safe and use bottled water and fresh flour. Don't worry about the salt there's really very little per slice. As far as I'm concerned, salt becomes a problem if you don't drink enough water. Ask your neighbor Alton Brown. My Doc says 3 liters of water a day.

I'm up in Woodstock, open you're window and yell hi :)


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Have fun here-this is an awesome site with awesome bakers :)


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Frequent Flyer

...neighbor.  I'm in Newnan.

Like you, I make mostly whole grain breads.