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Suggestions for a crowd pleaser?

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Suggestions for a crowd pleaser?

Excuse me while I act like a newbie...

I have my first poolish baguettes in the oven and they are already looking fantastic!!

/end foolish poolishness.

I am having such a fun time discovering new breads in this blog. Have been baking very traditional yeasted breads for years at home but I've recently rekindled my love for it with the Tassajara Bread book (best Christmas present I ever gave myself), and then I found this site. Splendid so far, everyone.

I used the poolish baguettes recipe found on this site in the handbook section. Fantastic. Now, I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow and I've promised a bread of some kind. Yeasted, quick, any will do. I'm getting up early tomorrow morning either way, so I have quite a few hours to work on it.

My question is, does anyone have any suggestions for some simply awesome bread that I could make in 1-6 hours? I'm really up for anything, just a crowd pleaser is the only prerequisite.

Your giddy enthusiast,


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Mini Oven

That might make a difference.  Cold buffet?  Sit down meal?  Salads?  Soup?

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Funny thing is, I just stumbled upon this exact link yesterday and I was considering it! Maybe it's meant to be?

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If you are not afraid of a sticky dough, focaccia wiht herb oil is always a hit.  I use the pain a l'ancienne recipe from Peter Reinhart's book.  It is an overnight dough but very easy to put together and easy to shape as a focaccia the next day.  Using olive oil with rosemary it turns out very fragrant and beautiful.


Here is a link for the dough:

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Frequent Flyer terrific and takes 4 to 5 hours.  You'll need a mixer.


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Mmm, all suggestions look fantastic! I'm giving all of them a go this week most likely; father-in-law is here visiting and no one enjoys bread more than he does. (And I have a wonderful Kitchenaid Mixer as well to help me out.)

What happened the morning of the baby shower: I ended up with more to do than I thought, so I took the poolish baguettes with me, along with a homemade balsamic butter. Was a hit! Had to make a little sign saying that it was balsamic butter though, because it looked like chocolate. That would be quite a shocker if that's what you thought it was while eating it.

Cheers everyone!