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Sourdough Rye Boule

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michael p

Sourdough Rye Boule

And before you ask, I made this loaf entirely by "instinct" as my girlfriend calls it - no real measuring.  It's a rye and flour sourdough, if I had to guess maybe about 1/3 rye?  I don't know, but it's unfortunately (I can't recreate it ...) one of the best loaves I've ever made, the crust has an initial crunch then is fantastically chewy, the inside is way moist.  Plus, I think this "standing loaf" is a cool picture, it'll be my standard shot from now on.

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Looks delicious, as I'm sure it was. A long time ago I learned the merits of writing down ingredient amounts when experimenting, on the offchance it would turn out exceptionally well and I wanted to replicate it. You might consider trying to do that with your next "experiment" just in case it turns out good.

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replicate, I, too, learned to write down each attempt, just in case. 

Your creation looks awsome !




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I have made some of my best loaves that way and they serve a great purpose.

1. It creates a sense of urgency to be able to replicate so I set aside time to write recipes/techniques down

2. It allows me creativity to explore what works and what doesn't and find what I want to replicate in the future. Some things just sound better than they taste.

3.Fills a need for a fast loaf-measuring takes too much time,sometimes.

Enjoy! Beautiful loaf!

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michael p

I could probably get close with the recipe and I'll try.  It'll be hard to replicate, "let rise overnight by an open window because it was about 60 degrees outside friday night."

C'est la vie, at least I got a cool picture that I'm going to print up and hang on the wall.

Loaf went to my sister earlier today who thought it smelled and looked great!