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Chestnut Coccodrillo Ciabatta Loaf

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Chestnut Coccodrillo Ciabatta Loaf

So everyone knows how to bake Jasons Quick Coccodrillo Ciabatta, he even gives two recipe styles, and now i would like to submit a third.


  • 250g Bread Flour
  • 100g Semolina Flour
  • 150g Chestnut Flour
  • 30g Fresh Yeast (or 10g active dry)
  • 10g Salt
  • 440g Water


Step 1: Like any bread, combine the ingredients. This being a variation of the coccodrillo it needs a paddle attachment in your mixer, keep mixing the dough until it "climbs" up your paddle attachment. At which point remove the paddle and put in the dough hook and keep going for another couple of minutes.

Step 2: Allow the dough to proof until almost overflowing the bowl, at least triple, then degass the dough by either gently stirring or cutting the dough.

Step 3: Now, after some experimentation, I have found that cooking a ciabatta in an oiled bread tin adds a particular style of finish thats quite appealing, so in this case, pour the degassed dough into a well oiled loaf pan and allow to relax for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Bake in a 200C oven until fragrant and well browned. Being a chestnut enriched dough it will be darker than normal, so make sure it doesn't burn. It will take a little longer than the usual 25 minutes, up to possibly 40 minutes or so, but not too long. The crumb is not as open as the coccodrilo, but the taste makes up for that.


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Mini Oven

What is the texture like?

Got a picture of the top of the loaf?   Did you cover the loaf while baking?  :)

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The texture was very much bread like, the gluten developed nicely. It was especially nice toasted with some butter. I didn't cover the top, it cracked but didn't burn.