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Anyone tried cooking starter?

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Anyone tried cooking starter?


I keep my starter at 125% hydration, which is basically a batter.  I've been feeding it twice daily for maybe 1.5 months or so, with good results (for me).

Anyway tonight during feeding, instead of tossing out the discard, I cooked it, like a pancake.  No mix with anything else.

Interesting result.  It turned into a hybrid of a traditional pancake and a tortilla, and it was super-sour, way more sour than any bread I've ever made from it.  Kind of cool!   But too much sour for me.   I wouldn't have these directly as a breakfast, but it was fun to try.  I am sure everyone here has done this already, but anyway ....   I wish you all good bread.


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I've done that, gvz, with wholewheat starter, and it was indeed super sour.

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I use mine all the time and most often for pancakes but I always add things too it ...not just starter out of the jar........It makes wonderful pancakes......I made some this morning .........