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33% Multi Grain "Italian" Loafs - Littleton Grist Mills

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33% Multi Grain "Italian" Loafs - Littleton Grist Mills

So the base recipe that I use for almost everything these days is TFL "Italian Loaf" which is the starting point:

My GF got me a big bag of "multi grain" from Littleton Grist Mills which is described on their web as:

"Our multi-grain flour is a blend of six whole grains which we stone grind in small batches.  The grains are wheat, millet, flax seed, rye, barley, oat, and corn."

The Italian Loaf calls for about six cups of flour, the other day I made two loaves substitute one cup of multi grain.  Pretty good.

Today (starting last night) I substituted two cups of the multi grain.  The loaves rose almost as quickly, if not quite so, as regular flour.  The dough is kind of gritty and rough, I like that.  I made it pretty wet, sticky, but it formed well.

Taste wise it's fantastic, nutty, a little smoky, a little sweet, very filling.  You can see, the loaves had nice spring but are still kind of moist.  Yums.