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Question for Mimi Fix

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Question for Mimi Fix

HI Mimi,

I appreciate all your wonderful input !  i have just read your new book cover to cover and want to use some of your amazing recipes at market.  How do you translate your 8 x 8 pans into a 12 x 17 pan ?  I am not not talented mathematically and in your pan size...did not see a measurement exchange for this size pan.

Thanks for your input on needing to double or triple the recipe in order to use time efficiently and make more $ ....I was doing that.  I am assuming that I can freeze what will not be going to market and unthaw it when the time is right? 


I am learning a lot from your experience.  Thanks so much!








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12x17 = 204 sq inches

8x8 = 64 sq inches

So one 8x8 pan has ~ 31% of the surface area of a 12x17 pan. 

This means that it would take about the same quantity to fit three 8x8 pans to fit a single 12x17pan.

Does this help? 

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Don't forget the depth of the pan too.

Here the web site for pans size conversions.



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Thanks everyone! This is what I love about The Fresh Loaf - community support!!

Yes, triple the size of your batch, but take into consideration the pan depth. Remember to start with the smallest size batch and see how it works for you. If you like it, with no tweaking, triple the size if your two pan depths (8x8 and 12x17) are the same.

Freezing and thawing for later sales is an excellent way to increase income while reducing labor. I'm sure you have read the pages about the best method for freezing.

Keep me posted! I'm excited for you.

Best regards, Mimi