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The Fresh Loaf in The Oregonian

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The Fresh Loaf in The Oregonian

The Oregonian did a piece on no-knead bread today. I chatted with the reporter there, so there are a couple of mentions of this site in the piece. Srishti chatted with her too, though it doesn't look like she included any of their discussion in the article.

If you are visiting this site for the first time today because you found the URL in the paper, welcome!

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I talked to her mostly about sourdough.... I didn't have much success with no-knead bread. My whole-wheat no-knead breads came out too moist for my taste :-(

I think she might be doing an article on sourdough too.

Though definitely the No-knead technique got me heavily into baking :D

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Floyd, I didn't realize you were in the Portland area! It was great to see The Fresh Loaf mentioned in the Oregonian article as I have read many wonderful tips here for my bread baking. For those of you curious about what was said go to

I am going to try the no-knead bread, as the 18 hr. time frame isn't much different from the ciabatta recipe I use from Peter Reinhart's book. I'm curious how well it rises without the extra shot of steam as I put it in the oven.