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Steam Oven - another one

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Steam Oven - another one

A German gal is testing the new Sharp AX-111 

Alas, on reading the specs, seems only to steam up to 100 degree Celcius (212F).

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My German isn't good enough to figure this out; Google translate is  flummoxed by it; and I suspect it was re-translated from an intermediate that was already fractured, which in turn came from Chinese.

My guess though is the 100C is the maximum temperature of the steam itself (well duh:-), rather than the overall temperature inside the oven.


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Mini Oven

and the grill browns from above.  This is a steam oven/microwave for steam cooking and not for baking.  There is no mention of bread or cake other than to thaw frozen.  

I would need an oven that goes higher.  I like to roast and bake stuff.  Reading the manual gave me a headache!  All the warnings and such because of the microwave involvement.  It looks like a great gadget if all your meals are prepared and you only have to thaw and heat them thru.  The portions of meat etc. are small, portion size.  Yes, one could steam 4 portions of fish at one time or 4 chicken breasts.  But a whole bird or a roast?  You would need to post the directions to the oven in a nearby cupboard door because it is too complex to keep it all in your head.  And a list of what you steam most often and the program number.

Things I noticed:  Cannot leave the oven unattended.  Counter top model that demands plenty of space.  Must be run thru a clean cycle at the end of each use.   Can be adjusted to individual water hardness.  Has a fan somewhere.  

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weird contraption !