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Hello from Alabama!

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Hello from Alabama!

Hello everyone! 

I just came across this wonderful website and immediately decided to join in the bread lovers community! Just like many of you guys, I enjoy making breads. To me, the process of making, eating and sharing bread is all about warmth, smiles, soulful art, good mood, family and friends... and happiness! When I make a good loaf of bread, my heart starts singing - and I guess this is what counts, after all.. I am sure I'll find lots of new good stuff and meet many good people on this website!



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And welcome to The Fresh Loaf!  It sounds like you landed in the right place.


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Hello and welcome to the site Anastasia. This is a friendly and helpful site, I'm sure you will enjoy. There are other native Alabama bakers around here too. I look forward to seeing your breads.


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Frequent Flyer

I'm your neighbor over here in Georgia.  Welcome.


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Welcome. To me the end result shared with family and friends is what brings me joy. Also a neighbor, Woodstock, Ga. There's a lot goin' on here have fun! Keep your eye on the weather, storm is a comin'.