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Baking with steam from cool oven?

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Baking with steam from cool oven?

hi all, is this possible to do? I'm making 'my daily bread' at the moment and want to underproof and then bake from a cold oven, but would also like to bake with steam for that lovely shiny crust and bloom. any advice?


thanks heaps

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The easiest way is probably to bake your loaf in a dutch oven with the lid on. The dough itself will supply all the moisture you need, and the dutch oven will trap the steam inside.

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Besides a "real" Dutch Oven, other things work well too: 

  • an upside down foil turkey roasting pan

  • an upside down metal mixing bowl

  • the lid of an old fashioned "roasting pan"

  • an enamelled casserole dish with a lid

  • a clay cooking pot with a lid

  • and so forth...

(If the "handle" isn't metal, check that it can take the heat. You might need to simply remove it to avoid having a melted blob in your oven.)

(If you use just a "cover", you need something flat and solid underneath -like a baking stone or a sheet pan. A cover over bread on a plain old rack doesn't do a whole lot of good because of all the spaces through the rack..)