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Greetings from the Great Not-So-White North

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Greetings from the Great Not-So-White North

Hello there!


Writing from Nova Scotia, Canada. I've been using this site for a week or so now, reading the handbook. I've been making bread at home very casually for years now, but now I'm trying to get more serious about it, and this website seems the perfect place to begin. Lots of great stuff, easily understandable. Compared to many people on this site, I can already tell I'm a total beginner! But must start somewhere.


Thanks in advance for all your wonderful advice and time to give it.



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Mini Oven

There are lots of beginners here too so don't be fooled.  Everyone here has their own speed and level to their bread journey and like everything else, we learn by discussion and comparison and pictures.  So don't be intimidated, we're an understanding bunch, at least we try to be.  When I joined the sight, i didn't know a thing about sourdough.  




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Thanks Mini! Sourdough is high on my list of priorities; making a new starter today. I messed the first one up, but that's another story for another time. :)

I think it'll be a good place for me to learn.

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Hello Amelia,

We will also learn from you, Amelia. I am glad to see you joined here. You will improve your bread baking skill in a short time period. 

Nice to meet you, Amelia!