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Customer Service at King Arthur Flour

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Customer Service at King Arthur Flour

With all of the grumbling and examples of poor customer service around today, I thought I would relate an instance of superlative customer service I experienced recently.  It is with a company often mentioned on this website.  When I first started experimenting with sourdough breads (before I stumbled upon this fantastic website), I purchased a sourdough crock from King Arthur Flour company to keep my starter in.  It has served me well, over the years, until a couple of months ago when I decided to play basketball with the lid knocking it off the counter onto the floor.  Needless to say after a few choice words, I swept up the 15 or so pieces of lid disposing of them and have been using one of those plastic bowl covers with elastic edging in its place.  I got the bright idea of checking to see I could purchase a replacement lid and sent an email to King Arthur's customer service.  Much to my surprise, I got an almost immediate response saying that they would send one out at no charge.  It arrived today (less than a week after my initial request) and imagine my surprise when I opened the package and found not just a replacement lid but a complete crock and lid set.  While I have found them somewhat pricey for certain items in the past, their comprehensive selection cannot be faulted and with customer service like this, I will be purchasing more from them.


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I, too, recommend KA Flour for their impeccable customer service. I have ordered from them for years, and even visited the store a couple of times.

Every once in a great while (and I order frequently) I have had a minor problem with a shipment - never the quality, but perhaps a package of flour that has opened during shipment or a mising item or even an EXTRA item that mysteriously appears in my package, but what ever it has been, a quick phone call to their gracious customer service agents and my (minor, always minor) problem is solved.

Terrific company.



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They are an amazing group of professionals, hell-bent on doing great work.

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In one word - outstanding.  I first learned of King Arthur back in the early 90's, before the internet became widespread, when I was overseas in Brazil.  Rio and Sao Paulo were different, but in Brasilia there were many things not readily available.  Someone in the embassy showed me a copy of the KA catalog which had been mailed to someone who had departed.  I felt like a kid in a candy store.  I ordered judiciously and was pleased with the results.  I don't order much or very often, but when I want or need something not easily found at local markets, I know I can check out the online catalog and either order via internet or give them a call, speak with a representative and place the order over the phone.  Either way, I know that I won't be disappointed.  True, the prices are higher than some other suppliers for some things, but as I said, I try to order judiciously.  I have never been disappointed.  They are a great company, and if the higher prices go to support their educational and baking outreach programs, then I am happy to contribute from time to time.

The customer service is great.  I recommend their print catalog or the online version.  Enjoy.