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New Kneading Video-Excellent!

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New Kneading Video-Excellent!

I was just over at The Back Home Bakery looking at Mark Sinclair's Tutorial videos. I wanted to remember how he rolls up his sweet sticky buns in preparation for making Franko's Pineapple up side down rolls. Mark's videos are really excellent and I thoroughly enjoy going back to the DVD collection to remind me how to do things he does every day and I do once every few Months.

While I was enjoying the Jazz, watching his vids, I noticed he has a new shaping video that is amazing. The guy is magic with his hands I swear. The new video shows how to gently shape several dough mixes masterfully and end up with a perfect Batard. This is something I struggle with and it kills me how easy he makes it look. The pinky fingers are his secret! Check it out here.


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He really has a gift. I is in the pinky as well as the general consistency of the dough. Notice there is nothing on his board to prevent sticking. Really a treat to watch. c

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I have always been impressed not only by Mark's shaping talents but also by his ongoing generosity in sharing the videos on line.  Thanks again Mark.


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Not to mention private communiques and internships... obviously, he cares about those around him.