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Honey Bread

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Honey Bread

From 《美味面包巧手做》, written by 王传仁

translated by Hening

Ingredient Original Personal

bread flour 1000g   250g

salt             15g     3-4g

milk powder 20g     5g

liquid honey200g    50g

water          580g    185g

fresh yeast  30g      3g instant yeast

unsalted butter40g  10g


Actually I used 210g water this time. I didn't peek at the dough while the final fermentation because a blogger who practiced this recipe twice said it would take such a long time. As a result, it was a little overproof. Fortunately, it wasn't sour.

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Actually, you have added sugar to your dough.  Honey is composed of glucose and fructose, both are SUGAR.  You are adding 20% sugar, based on flour, to your dough.


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thx i didn't know that. i just wanna say it using natural sweetness intead of artificial ones.

i changed my subject already.

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Honey is a very concentrated form of sugar, as Ford has said.

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Good afternoon,

I am curious about why you changed the hydration so drastically in your formula from the original.  The original has a hydration persentage of:

liquid = honey 200 * 19.8% + water 580 + fresh yeast 30 * 70% = 39.6 + 580 + 21

         = 640.6 g liquid for a hydration % = 640.6 / 1000 = 64 %

Your formula has a hydration % of 59.9 / 250 = 88 %

Based on your change to the formula - divide by 4 - I would have expected the water in your formula to be - 580 / 4 = 145g. 

Am I missing something?




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my friend tried this recipe 2 times, he said the original fresh yeast contains more water.

so he changed the water to 185.

for me , i added more water, because this recipe came from China.

the flour in China is so different from Canada.

in China, the flour that has  11% protein can be called bread flour.

Here, even the all purpose flour has 13%

and i dont have mixer or breadmaker, adding water could help me to knead it to a full gluten development more easily

is it right?

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um, i hate to sound so ignorant, but which water amount should i follow then? i live in australia if that helps, that bread looks so feathery and delicious :)

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i think 185 would be fine.

you can use 145 at the beginning, and add in more if necessary when you are kneading