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BBA Challenge: Week 12 - English Muffins

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BBA Challenge: Week 12 - English Muffins

It's Week 12 of the BBA Challenge! That means...English Muffins!

(the first part of my blog post at A Ku Indeed!)

Finally, after two challenges that I had little interest in (the Cornbread and Cranberry-Walnut Bread challenges) I was definitely psyched up to do this one. Why? Well, two quick reasons off of the top of my head: first, I am a serious lover of the English Muffin. Second, this challenge had a odd component that broke things up nicely – you have to use a griddle. After weeks of just using the oven to bake the bread in a conventional fashion, I found this a nice needed twist on the process a well needed break from standard operating procedure. As I’ll discuss below, English Muffins are actually suprisingly simple to make. I thought it would be more difficult, but it wasn’t. So that was a big plus. On the other hand, although I liked the product, I was a little disppointed - I was hoping they would come out a lot lighter and airier than they turned out to be.

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